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Finding the Right Forklift Dealership:

| General, How-To | March 12, 2013

Have you been overwhelmed by salespeople talking about the same quality for a better price; or telling you their service program offers high quality, at a fraction of their competitors cost? Maybe it’s time for YOU to CHOOSE the best Forklift Dealer for your business. Choosing the right forklift dealer usually require selecting the brand of forklift most desired first. If brand is important, then this really needs to be decided upon first, because all future transactions will... READ MORE

How to Choose the Right Pallet Jack

| General, How-To | February 28, 2013

Pallets trucks/jacks are not the most exciting topic on the planet. Regardless, any business that moves large-sized inventory knows that choosing the right equipment is very cost-effective, while choosing poorly is just very costly. Mark Twain once referred to golf as a good walk spoiled. The phrase could just as easily be applied to using the wrong pallet jack, or walkie, as they’re often known. The right walkie can make short work for the operator moving... READ MORE

How to Buy a Used Forklift

| How-To, Uncategorized | February 20, 2013

Buying a used forklift can be confusing and overwhelming to the average person, but the first question to ask yourself is whether you need a used forklift or a new one? Consider buying a used forklift if: • The truck will be used only for a single shift. • The forklift will be used for no more than five hours a day. • The forklift will work no more than five days per week. • The operation is not a... READ MORE

Buying vs Rental: Lift Equipment

| Equipment, How-To, Uncategorized | February 14, 2013

When deciding whether to buy or rent an aerial work platform and/or lifts; managers should consider all options. Buying a new lift requires the most demanding decision-making because it is the most expensive and buying used equipment is the next most costly option, but with less financial impact. • Both of these buy options involve a capital expenditure. • Purchased equipment is depreciated over time • Both can be financed over time. Renting a lift is a great way to... READ MORE

How to: Load a Trailer with a Forklift

| General, How-To | February 14, 2013

Loading docks present the potential for severe accidents and have been identified as the location where 25 percent of all industrial accidents occur. Each year, 4,788 accidents are reported as a result of forklifts falling off docks or other surfaces. When a 9,000 lb. forklift rolls into a trailer that’s not secured, terrible things can happen. If the wheels start rolling, or the landing gear is damaged, that trailer can tip. Or worse, it can roll... READ MORE

Servicing Your Forklift: How Often

| Equipment, General, How-To | January 25, 2013

You will hear from lift truck maintenance companies that a Forklift will need to be serviced based on usage intervals.
  • LP Forklift hours are often listed by running hours, the time the key switch is in the “on” position.
  • Electric lift trucks usually have maintenance intervals are based on hydraulic/drive motor running hours..
Internal Combustion Lift Trucks Maintenance Schedule **Per OSHA, Forklift Driver inspections must be completed per shift** Forklifts items that should be serviced every 250... READ MORE

Forklift Battery Maintenance

| Equipment, General, How-To | January 18, 2013

Forklift batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and will need to be replaced once this limit is reached. These batteries are extremely heavy and quite expensive, as well. However, proper care and maintenance of these batteries can greatly extend their useful life span and allow your machine operators to be more efficient and productive. • A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new truck's value and offers you approximately 10,000... READ MORE

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