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Forklift Battery Maintenance

| Equipment, General, How-To | January 18, 2013

Forklift batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and will need to be replaced once this limit is reached. These batteries are extremely heavy and quite expensive, as well. However, proper care and maintenance of these batteries can greatly extend their useful life span and allow your machine operators to be more efficient and productive.

• A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new truck’s value and offers you approximately 10,000 working hours. It is your fuel for the next five years or more, providing you look after it according to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

• A forklift battery needs to be charged before the remaining battery life reaches 20 percent; letting it discharge below 20% can be detrimental.

• It is also important to avoid overcharging.

• The forklift battery water level should be checked on a regular basis, generally after recharging. While adding the water, make sure you fill only to the proper level. This will prevent overfilling that may cause expansion and overflowing.

• It is also important not to interrupt the charge cycle one you’ve started it

High savings and improved performance will occur as a result of implementing a battery maintenance schedule. You will find there will be fewer breakdowns due to battery failure, which allow you and your business to run at its fullest potential.

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Bell Forklift Battery Maintenance

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