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How to Buy a Used Forklift

| How-To, Uncategorized | February 20, 2013

Buying a used forklift can be confusing and overwhelming to the average person, but the first question to ask yourself is whether you need a used forklift or a new one?

Consider buying a used forklift if:

• The truck will be used only for a single shift.
• The forklift will be used for no more than five hours a day.
• The forklift will work no more than five days per week.
• The operation is not a high-throughput, nonstop type.

If you answered Yes to any of these and you decide to purchase a used forklift, you need to know how to identify used equipment with a troubled past.

Tires: Ensure they still have some tread on them otherwise it will not maneuver properly and may be dangerous. If there is uneven wear, this may signify a misalignment in the axle.
Mast: No external damage that is too severe (e.g. cuts, rewelding or major dints) and ensure it moves up and down according to what specs say.
Gears/controls: Gears & controls are smooth and responsive
Brakes: Brakes work immediately and under pressure
Capacity Plate: Check all information on the rating plate is correct (model number, capacity etc.)
Fluid Leaks: Look for any fluid leaks (check after the forklift truck is fully warmed up)

Prior to testing a forklift, take some time to visually examine the trucks exterior. A general assumption is that if it has been badly dented or scratched then it has been operated carelessly. Once you have assessed it visually, take it for a test drive.

For more information about new AND used equipment, call (888)404-2575 or visit bellforklift.com and request a quote for the highest quality products and services, at the best value!

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