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Rent a VersaLift 40/60 Bell Fork Lift

The Versa-Lift 40/60 – Meet the Newest Addition to Our Rental Fleet

Category: News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 11/20/15 4:40 PM
Designed specifically for riggers to move heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces, the Versa-Lift 40/60 is the ideal mid-sized forklift for space-limited jobsites  demanding a strong lifting capacity. With a 98" retracted wheelbase, the Versa-Lift 40/60 is compact enough to fit into tight spaces with a lifting capacity of 40,000 lbs. Extend the base and your capacity is a full 60,000 lbs. Call Bell's Rental Department today at  888-404-2575 for daily, weekly, and monthly rates ...
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Forklift Safety Training

Are you OSHA Compliant?

Category: News and Announcements, Training  |  Posted on: 10/6/15 2:34 PM
Forklift safety violations consistently appear on OSHA’s list of Most Cited Standards. Below are the most common violations. 1910.178(l)(1)(i) - Operator not properly trained (initial) "The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (l)" 1910.178(l)(4)(i) - Operator not properly trained (refresher training)  (required every 3 years) "Refresher training, including an evaluation of ...
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New Forklift Tire vs Worn Forklift Tire

Tires: Vital to Both Forklift and Driver Safety

Category: Equipment, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 05/13/15 10:21 AM
[caption id="attachment_4248" align="alignright" width="175"] New Forklift Tire / Worn Tire Comparison[/caption] Forklift tires are an integral part of your equipment. Unlike with traditional vehicles, forklift tires act as a suspension system — replacing things like shock absorbers and coil springs. Forklift tires cushion the operator, load and the truck itself, making their condition critical to forklift performance and safety. Worn or improperly maintained tires can seriously damage a lift truck, especially the steer and drive axles; serve ...
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JULY PARTS SPECIAL Forklift Replacement Seats

Category: General, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 07/1/14 3:46 PM
Bell Fork Lift is selling replacement forklift seats for a special price in the month of July! The purchase price of a new seat includes: - Installation of an OEM equivalent seat - Cloth or Vinyl - Operator restraint system - OSHA approved with seat belt At Bell Fork Lift, we only sell premium seats that offer the driver the ultimate level of comfort! Call toll free: 888-404-2575 for details.   Forklift Replacement Seats from Bell Forklift    
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How to Buy a Used Forklift

Category: How-To, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 02/20/13 3:52 PM
Buying a used forklift can be confusing and overwhelming to the average person, but the first question to ask yourself is whether you need a used forklift or a new one? Consider buying a used forklift if: • The truck will be used only for a single shift. • The forklift will be used for no more than five hours a day. • The forklift will work no more than five days per week. • The operation is not a ...
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Buying vs Rental: Lift Equipment

Category: Equipment, How-To, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 02/14/13 9:17 PM
When deciding whether to buy or rent an aerial work platform and/or lifts; managers should consider all options. Buying a new lift requires the most demanding decision-making because it is the most expensive and buying used equipment is the next most costly option, but with less financial impact. • Both of these buy options involve a capital expenditure. • Purchased equipment is depreciated over time • Both can be financed over time. Renting a lift is a great way to ...
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How to: Load a Trailer with a Forklift

Category: General, How-To  |  Posted on: 02/14/13 7:48 PM
Loading docks present the potential for severe accidents and have been identified as the location where 25 percent of all industrial accidents occur. Each year, 4,788 accidents are reported as a result of forklifts falling off docks or other surfaces. When a 9,000 lb. forklift rolls into a trailer that’s not secured, terrible things can happen. If the wheels start rolling, or the landing gear is damaged, that trailer can tip. Or worse, it can roll ...
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Forklift Battery Maintenance

Category: Equipment, General, How-To  |  Posted on: 01/18/13 8:32 PM
Forklift batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and will need to be replaced once this limit is reached. These batteries are extremely heavy and quite expensive, as well. However, proper care and maintenance of these batteries can greatly extend their useful life span and allow your machine operators to be more efficient and productive. • A typical forklift battery is worth up to 30% of a new truck's value and offers you approximately 10,000 ...
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Material Handling Equipment for a New Year!

Category: General, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 01/9/13 6:00 PM
Are you looking for quality equipment? Bell Fork Lift is Eastern Michigan’s only Authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer, which has been ranked year after year as the #1 lift truck in the world. If it’s lift equipment you need, Bell Fork Lift represents the finest products in the material handling industry. From 3,000 lb. forklifts to 100,000 lb. capacity forklifts; from scissor lifts to telehandlers, we equip our customers with the industry’s best equipment solutions and offer ...
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Tennant Scrubbers and Sweepers Now Available to Rent – Lease – Purchase

Category: News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 01/8/13 9:31 PM
Tennant® Scrubbers and Sweepers When it comes to superior cleaning results, the best engineered solution is Tennant® Sweepers and Scrubbers. Whether you’re looking for a floor scrubber, floor sweeper or both, Bell Fork Lift provides the most cost efficient designs to provide you with the maximum productivity. Designed with you in mind • Reduce water consumption and disposal up to 70% • Minimal operator training with Touch-N-Go™ operations • Save time with Smart Release™ squeegee that require no tools to change • Improve ...
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Unique times require unique solutions. Bell can help.

Category: Equipment, General, News and Announcements, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 04/30/20 3:41 PM
Do you need to move your product to curbside through standard size doorways? Need to keep your warehouse clean? Give us a call. We can help!
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Offering curbside service to your customers? We can help!

Category: Equipment, General, News and Announcements, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 04/29/20 1:42 PM
If you operate a nursery, greenhouse or other business providing curbside pickup for your customers - we can help!
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Update Re: Bell Fork Lift Covid-19 Operations

Category: General, News and Announcements, Uncategorized  |  Posted on: 03/23/20 9:21 AM
To our valued customers, vendors, and business partners: Bell Fork Lift, Inc. continues to monitor the changing landscape as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the United States. State governors are taking unprecedented action to shut down large parts of the economy to slow the spread of the virus and protect their citizens. We want to take this time to clarify that Bell Fork Lift is an Essential Business, as defined by the CISA, along with designation by ...
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Are you in need of powerful Cleaning Equipment for your company?

Category: Equipment, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 04/23/19 11:01 AM
Are you in need of powerful Cleaning Equipment for your company? With our recent events, it is essential to keep a clean and polished work environment for for the safety of your employees, customers, and product.  Our Tennant Industrial Floor cleaning equipment is the perfect solution and is available. We pride ourselves on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and being able to provide innovative solutions. Our Tennant cleaning equipment is available for purchase and rent. We're Here to Help Call your ...
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Category: News and Announcements, Training  |  Posted on: 09/26/18 10:53 AM
Forklift Certification, sometimes referred to as forklift licensing, is a requirement of any operator of forklifts in a given workplace. While it’s an employer’s responsibility to provide training, we’ve found that operators are the ones that have the most at stake in forklift training programs. They are often the associates who ask the best questions when it comes to making sure they’re in compliance with OSHA forklift training standards. Three Reminders about Forklift Certification THE OSHA CERTIFICATION ...
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Think Small ! Mariotti Compact Forklifts

Category: Equipment, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 05/16/17 4:09 PM
Effectively utilized space is important for any business. Mariotti's product line of compact electric forklifts is perfect for tight spaces and other conditions where maneuverability is essential. Designed using state-of-the art engineering and equipped with the latest AC technology, Mariotti forklifts are the smallest electric riders available on the market today! Mariotti compact forklifts fit a variety of unique applications! Take your Mariotti electric rider into: elevators around equipment narrow aisles gates and doorways - even standard doorways mezzanines office hallways Mariotti designs and ...
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Forklift Drivers Training

Forklift Driver Training – Is a Train-The-Trainer Course right for your company?

Category: News and Announcements, Training  |  Posted on: 04/26/17 10:13 AM
Bell Fork Lift understands that companies which work on varying job sites, have substantial operator turnover, multiple locations, or unique operations benefit from in-house trainers. This class gives you the right and the ability to train others in compliance with OSHA standards.   Upon completion of the course, you receive a comprehensive Instructor Training Manual, complete with interactive programs, certificates, and step-by-step guidance so you have the confidence to train others. Bell Fork Lift offers train-the-trainer courses for forklifts, ...
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Aichi Scissor Lift SV1930E

Aichi Scissor Lift line now at Bell Fork Lift

Category: Equipment, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 04/21/17 2:37 PM
Bell Fork Lift is proud to add a new line of aerial lifts. Aichi, a Toyota Industries Company, introduces the E-series scissor lifts. With 19, 20, 26, and 32 ft. models, the Aichi lifts can provide to with the reach you need for tall tasks. Additionally, Bell carries the entire Genie Aerial lift line.   Call 888-404-2575 today, and our experienced material handling specialists can help you choose the best aerial lift for your needs. - or - Complete the ...
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Ready for a change? Bell is looking for Great Technicians

Category: General, News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 11/17/16 10:49 AM
Becoming a technician in the material handling field and the forklift industry is a great opportunity for young people today. Automotive experience or training could qualify you. Are you looking for a forklift technician role? Or, know someone who would be a great fit for Bell Fork Lift? Visit our Job Opportunity page to apply - https://www.bellforklift.com/employment/
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Bell Fork Lift Mobile Tire Service Trucks

2016 Fall/Winter Tire Special

Category: News and Announcements  |  Posted on: 09/19/16 9:20 AM
NEW REDUCED PRICES ON Tires for your Material Handling Fleet Bell Fork Lift is offering special reduced pricing to all customers on high quality forklift tires. We recently secured volume discount pricing on several containers of tires and want to pass the savings on to YOU! We have industrial tires to fit ALL MAKES AND MODELS of material handling equipment. Take advantage of these low Fall/Winter Special tire prices NOW! Contact your Bell Customer Service Rep today for our NEW ...
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